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Johnston Homicide Trial

Prior to opening statements being made during the trial, Glen Johnston’s defense attempted to file a motion for a mistrial, but was denied.

The prosecution’s first witness corroborated the victim’s statements to Johnston when the gun was discharged into the ground, while the defense argued that the witness did not previously mention those statements being made by the victim.

During opening arguments, the defense did not deny that the shooting occurred but rather argued as to why it happened, claiming that Srock was “coming at Johnston” during the altercation and that he felt intimidated. The defense argued that it was not a pre-meditated act.

Prosecutors responded by stating that Johnston was reportedly in possession of two firearms, inside his vehicle, at the time of the shooting.

His defense argued that he was keeping them in his car because his wife had reportedly attempted to harm herself and he was trying to prevent her from doing so.

It is worth noting that the defense did not deny the allegations that Johnston and Srock had argued about an affair between Srock and Johnston’s wife.

In total, the prosecution called seven witnesses to the stand on Monday, including Johnston’s former boss and the responding police officers.

Johnston’s former boss testified that he sounded “frantic and upset” when he reportedly called him and admitted to the shooting.

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