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State College Landlord Settlement

A State College realty company will close its business and pay thousands of dollars in restitution following a settlement with the state attorney general’s office over security deposit issues.

Some current and past Penn State students could be in line for restitution money from Legacy Realty and Property Management LLC, as part of the settlement.

The attorney general’s office alleged that Legacy Realty was engaged in “unfair and deceptive practices,” specifically charging administrative fees as part of tenants’ security deposits.

In the consent decree for the settlement, Legacy Realty denies any wrongdoing, but says it agrees to the settlement to resolve litigation.

The suit against Legacy was first filed in 2019, by the attorney general’s civil division office.

The attorney general at the time was now Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro.

A few weeks after filing the legal action, Shapiro was in State College talking about the case and the backlash he was receiving from landlords.

“It’s alleged that they took advantage of students. My job is to protect all Pennsylvanians, including students right here in State College. They can say whatever they want about me, I’m used to getting those criticisms after filing suit, but at the end of the day, they’re going to pay those students what they owe.”

As part of the settlement, Legacy Realty has agreed to close its business in Pennsylvania, and pay at least $17,500 in restitution, which will be distributed among former tenants who file a claim with the AG’s office.

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