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Lack Of High School Football Referees

Most local high school football teams are used to playing under the bright lights of a Friday Night.

But for some schools that was changed to Thursday or Saturday Jared Parker tells us why. Jared?

Tonight we’ll see two high school football games played with District 9 asking schools to break tradition to help the season run smoothly

High school football on Friday Night has been a tradition for as long as we can remember

But this year District 9 schools have been asked to move at least one of their football games to a Thursday or Saturday

The scheduling change was caused because they lack referees

“In terms of Thursday night, it’s something that our league has done for the past two years or so. I don’t think it’s any secret that there is a shortage of officials. Fortunately, the officials that we have are top notch officials.”

Straub said these Thursday night games create a shorter week for the coaches and team. Giving them less time to recover and prepare

But he said in the long run it doesnt really effect their season

“I think in the big scheme of things and the big scope having to move one or possibly two games is not a big deal considering the kids are gonna have an opportunity to play.”

Elk County hosts Moniteau right now and Straub said they moved the game an hour earlier since these student athletes still have school in the morning.

Meanwhile, St. Marys is at Ridgway-Johnsonburg tonight at 7.

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