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New Veteran Compact Act

Mental Health is an increasing issue in many aspects of daily life.

For some it can be an over-riding issue and that certainly includes our Military Veterans.

As Gary Sinderson reports a new program is now available for vets, at no cost for those dealing with a suicidal crisis.

For Veterans service experiences, or even the everyday life challenges, can linger for a lifetime.

Veterans now have a new mental health care option, known as the Compact Act.

“So what happens is if a Veteran is in need of services, all has to do is contact the Veteran Crisis Line and they will refer him to a VA facility or non-VA facility for emergent care.”

Sometimes all it takes is someone to talk to this assistance can begin with a phone call.

It’s well documented, Veterans struggling with mental health issues, suicidal thoughts not in a hospital. And there’s a real need for help, but also reluctance to ask for help due to embarrassment or financial worries.

The Compact Act offers Vets care at no cost.

Nationwide, every month close to 5000 Vets are hospitalized in psychiatric care units.

They can be family members, friends or neighbors. And this new benefit is available, whether or not a Vet is enrolled in the VA system.

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