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Pennsylvania Marijuana Pardon Project

The clock is ticking on a new program announced by Governor Wolf that could pardon many who have been convicted of non-violent Marijuana offenses in Pennsylvania.

If interested, you’ll need to fill out an application soon.

Its called the Pennsylvania Marijuana Pardon Project. Those convicted on either of two , Marijuana related crimes are eligible, and if pardoned by the Governor they could get the convictions expunged from their records.

First you need to get a pardon application submitted by the end of this month. The pardon project has a separate website, there’s also other way to check criminal records

“One of the ways to obtain information is through the US portal, which is the judicial system portal in the state of Pennsylvania.thats one way to obtain information”

That portal covers criminal offenses back to 2005. Earlier than that, and those convictions could still be able for pardons but to check them, its a more old school system

“These are cards that have old criminal information.where we might have to go in and research someone who has a record”

Your county Prothonotary’s office should have that information. This one-time pardon opportunity is somewhat similar to the state’s Clean Slate Program, that has sealed thousands of criminal records removed them from public view.

In this case its much more limited as is the time frame for the pardon process. Thats directly due to Governor Wolf’s remaining time in office.

With all the Marijuana Pardon Project applications in by the end of September , the state’s Board of Pardons can then review and make decisions on them during their October and December meetings.

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