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Thomas Court Battle Update

1 of the 3 cases playing out in the Courts against suspended Somerset County District Attorney Jeff Thomas came to a conclusion on Tuesday. The embattled Somerset County DA had a harassment charged dropped Tuesday as part of a Plea Agreement in a case involving a witness in his Sexual Assault case. This stems from an incident back in April, where Windber Police charged Thomas after they said he pursued and struck the vehicle of a witness in his Sexual Assault case from last year and then was taunting them.

As this scheduled hearing began Tuesday, Prosecutors with the Attorney General’s Office — which is trying the cases against Thomas — and the DA’s Defense Attorneys were going back and forth about the charges and trying to come to a deal. After a few minutes, they told the Judge the AG’s Office agreed to withdraw the summary harassment offense, and changed around the 2 traffic citations. Court Records show he will pay about $300 in fines. Thomas and his Attorneys had no comment after the hearing.

This case comes in addition to the Felony charges for Sexually Assaulting a woman inside her Windber-area home last September (that led to his Law License suspension and later his suspension from the DA’s Office,) he also faces Misdemeanor charges for Assaulting his wife last year while she was facetiming someone in Cambria County. His wife denied in Court that it happened, but that case is heading to a trial.

His trial for the Sexual Assault case is set to begin in Somerset County in September.

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