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Weekend Shootings and State Trooper Vigil

Juneteenth and Father’s Day are supposed to be times of celebration, but that’s not the case for dozens of families across the U.S. Their loved ones are victims of mass shootings over the weekend.

At least one teenager is dead and 9 others were injured in Saint Louis after gunfire at a party. In Illinois, at least 22 people were hurt and 1 is dead after a mass shooting at a Juneteenth celebration on Sunday. 5 more are casualties of violence in Chicago. A couple hours East of Seattle, 2 are dead and 2 victims were injured after a suspect allegedly opened fire at a festival campground. Near Atlanta, at least 5 people are hurt after Police say a dispute resulted in gunfire at a nightclub on Sunday. Close to Los Angeles, 8 people were injured after a shooting around midnight Saturday.

Also over the weekend, Officials say a suspect killed a State Trooper in Central Pennsylvania and a 4-year-old got shot in Philadelphia. Members of Juniata County, Pennsylvania holding a vigil to honor the State Troopers who were shot.

Nearly 100 people gathered in the heart of Mifflin Town tonight to honor two State Troopers. 45-Year-old James Wagner who was shot and critically injured and 29-year-old Jacques Rouge who was shot and killed.

EMT Glenn K saying: “We’re just a huge family in Juniata County. We have 24,000 people, but we are all one big family.” Glenn k has been an EMT in Juniata County for more than 30 years. He was on duty Saturday when the call came over the radio. Glenn adding: “We were all on high alert that day because we didn’t know what was going on. We didn’t know who they were targeting.”

For a second, he says he was worried that he might not come home but he had a job to do and he did it so on Monday, he was recognized alongside of his colleagues, including those there only in spirit. Glenn saying: “I’m sure that makes every one of us feel we needed. We wanted, we appreciated”

Some of those in attendance, knew one or both of the Troopers, but most didn’t. However, that didn’t matter because all of them believe a small community is a tight knit community and the people that protect it every day should be embraced by it. Glenn, in closing: “Like this is what it’s all about. That’s why these people are here. They’re here because they want to be part of this.”

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